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My son was just turning nine years old and had started having some problems at school with boys of the same age, the usual horseplay, pushing in the corridor, tripping up and shoving over in the playground. He told me he could not react as would get into trouble with his teachers, so we arranged a meeting with the school and it reduced the incidents cosiderably.


However his confidence was now at an all time low, so we asked Sensei Ken Dineley for some private lessons in the home. He obliged and soon my son's confidence was back. Ken went further teaching my son about self asteem, how to achieve life goals, along with respect and discipline, along with the normal parental guidance given by my wife and I. He became a yellow belt at Junior level and is currently working towards his next grade.


He is a lot happier and has no problems at school, instead he proudly shows his belt to his class and the boys who were picking on him, now avoid him. He has made many new friends at Maghull Kickboxing.


We cannot thanks Sensei Ken enough for helping return my son into the fun loving, hard working little boy he was before this all started and we cannot recommend his services enough.

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