Is your child getting bullied ?


Is your child getting bullied ?

There's nothing more heart breaking han seing your child sad, withdrawn, upset and crying.

The heartache it causes can be unberable, as a father of two and grandfather of four, Im speaking from experience.

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Since 1997 we have helped and solved many bullying problems, including paying visits to the childs school and talking to teaches.

With the invention of the "internet" bullying has become a more ful on an emotional issue, no longer can the child hide away in their home as they now have mobile phones and do their home work on the internet. 

Some of the things and threats I have seen over the last four years have shocked even me " so what must they do to ones so young" !!  

We can stop this for you and help your child go forward with confidence, still retaining there lovely attitude and good manners.

In 2013 we gave seven children individual private lessons, all of which "NO LONGER HAVE BULLYING PROBLEMS"




If you are interested or would like further information on our PRIVATE or FAMILY lessons. 

Individual tuition is just £30 per hour     (Book 5 in a block for only £160)  saving £ 30 

Group of two £40 per hour                        (Book 5 in a block for only £ 180 ) saving £ 40 

Group of three £60 per hour                     ( Book 5 in a block for only £250) saving £50

Group of four £70 per hour                       ( Book 5 in a block for only £290) saving £ 60


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